Think Green When Designing Your Space!

The environmental movement in Maine is stronger than ever and businesses like ours with a strong environmental conscience are applauding, while also pushing and shoving I might add, to keep our state aware of and active in eco-friendly ways of life.   Thankfully, more and more Mainers are jumping on the sustainability bandwagon and are keeping it moving in the right direction- green.  Especially in the Portland area, we see our fellow Mainers making conscious decisions to conserve energy and resources through practices like recycling, carpooling, or even trading in their car for a bike, but there are many other ways to think green.  At EcoHome Studio we like to think of ourselves as mentors in the art of green design and products for our clients, helping them to find pieces for their home that are both beautiful and consciously constructed.  So, if the cold Maine winter has you chomping at the bit to revamp your space, consider these 5 eco-friendly tips.

  1. Go Green with your furniture and be conscious about what’s in it.  Until very recently the use of fire retardants in the foam and fabric on our furniture was required by our federal government.  A bill was just passed that no longer enforces that practice.  While it may take some time for those products to hit the market, the state of California regulates the use of fire retardants beyond the federal level. Furniture that meets their standards contains retardants that are much less threatening to our environment and personal health.  The key is to be conscious of what you are buying and how it is made. 
  2. Buying pieces made from reclaimed materials is an easy way to think green.  You can even go a step further and purchase pieces made in Maine to support our state and the people in it.  There are builders in every part of the state who work with materials salvaged from our own bodies of water, woods, and old buildings.  Reclaimed wood tables, benches, or chairs can act as great statement pieces in a home and offer a unique story while promoting environmental responsibility.
  3. Accessories made from recycled material are also great options, whether it is a bowl crafted from driftwood, candle-holders from recycled aluminum, or lamps made from recycled glass there are a million ways to add color and vibrancy to your space using reclaimed materials.
  4. Soy candles are a fantastic and clean alternative to paraffin candles.  The burning of paraffin products creates air pollution releasing carcinogenic toxins and contributing to global warming.  Soy candles burn clean and slower than paraffin wax and are made from soybeans, a renewable and naturally biodegradable source (not to mention they don’t give off the completely overpowering aroma that burns your nose like paraffin candles do, ouch!) 
  5. Reupholstering your sofa rather than purchasing a new one is an easy way to change the look, feel, and color scheme of your space without being wasteful.  While there is a point at which the sofa you got from your parents basement to furnish your first apartment has GOT to go, if you’re just in the mood for a change opt for reupholstering instead of purchasing.

Living green requires active awareness and consciousness of the world around us, but it is so worth it for our personal health and well being, as well as the sustainability of the state we all love so much.  For more information about eco-friendly furniture and accessories check out our site,, or stop in to our showroom!