Artist of the Month: Mary Brooking

Shortly after earning a BA in Fine Art from Hiram College in 1978, Mary Brooking established herself as a nationally-award-winning magazine designer in Cleveland, Ohio. In 1997 Brooking moved to Maine with her husband, John Brooking, to begin a new dual career in fine art and motherhood. In 2002, the family settled in Westbrook.

Mary Brooking is now an artist in mid-career with a following throughout Southern Maine and elsewhere. Her collectors appreciate the spiritual and expressionistic direction of her landscape-inspired acrylic paintings. Her artistic vision employs reduction rather than embellishment, distilling elemental truths about the places she paints through interactive color, texture and form. Her work engages the senses of the viewer at the immediate, almost entirely intuitive, point of recognition, testing the balance between representation and abstraction.

Having exhibited her work widely in Southern Maine, as well as in New Hampshire, Connecticut, Ohio and New Mexico, Brooking accepts commissioned work and has recently begun teaching. She is a member of the Saccarappa Art Collective in Westbrook, Maine and Kennebec Valley Art Association (Harlow Gallery) in Hallowell, Maine. She exhibits her work at Saccarappa Art Gallery in Westbrook, Maine; Eco Home Studio in Portland, Maine; and Art 3 Gallery in Manchester, New Hampshire; as well as at Prints of her paintings are available through .

In 2005, Brooking created to market her original paintings, along with notecards which are marketed under the name MaryBrook Graphics. Ten percent of MaryBrook card sales is donated annually to Heifer International, an international non-profit entity whose mission is to empower impoverished women and families by seeding independent agricultural businesses.

Mary Brooking







For more information about Mary, her artwork, or other artists showcased at EcoHome Studio please call our showroom at (207) 899-0390.


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One response to “Artist of the Month: Mary Brooking

  1. nice cold colours! usually they are the most difficult to paint.

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