Artist of the Month: Paul V. Bonneau

Paul V. Bonneau is the newest artist to EcoHome Studio and kicks off our revamped Artist of the Month Program! We will now be featuring one artist at a time, showing pieces of their work in the showroom and hosting an artist reception for each one.  We hope that this will allow our customers to learn more about each artist’s work that we enjoy so much.  The reception for Bonneau will be held at EcoHome on July 17th, 2014 from 5:30-7:30pm.  Join us in celebrating this artist and his work!

Paul V. Bonneau


   Paul has been featured in the Canvas section of Maine Home and Design magazine (November, 2012) and in 2011, the American Art Awards voted his painting “Last Standing” the first place winner in the Impressionist Landscape category.

   Often referred to as a “colorist”, Paul’s work has been included in invitational shows at the New Bedford Art Museum, the Danforth Museum, the Ogunquit Art Association, the Thos Moser Gallery, the Irvine Gallery, the Judi Rotenberg Gallery (Boston), the Maine College of Art and Cape Elizabeth Land Trustjuried invitational auctions, PBS Television, the Children’s Museum, the Animal Welfare Society, as well as in the collection of the Maine Turnpike Authority.

   Paul has completed independent study at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, the Heartwood School of Art and the University of Massachusetts. He a member of the American Impressionist Society and represented locally by Art Collector Maine and the Mast Cove Gallery, in Kennebunkport.

   In describing his process, Paul states, “After establishing composition, form and value in the sketch stage, I lay in a warm under painting (cadmium red over a yellow ochre ground). With that accomplished, I can concentrate on pushing color relationships.”

Paul’s work can be seen at


Image  Image

Image  Image

ImageFor any questions about Paul, his work, or the reception please call EcoHome Studio at (207) 899-0390 or email


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