Green Design: The how-to and the why

Green, or sustainable, design is a huge part of what we do at Jan Robinson Interiors. We not only promote the practice but we also use our showroom to showcase what green design looks like. Humans are an essential part of life’s cycle and being conscious of our environment is a way to limit our impact as a group on our resources and the world’s systems. But just because we are being more mindful and utilizing recycled, renewable, and environmentally friendly materials doesn’t at all mean we have to sacrifice style and beauty in our homes.

There is no lack of style, design, and personality in eco-friendly pieces. Actually, using reclaimed materials can create pieces that are full of character and are one-of a kind.  So, what exactly does it look like? Take a look!


ImageHow do you find pieces like these?  Do your research.  The Portland, ME area is full of crafstmen and companies doing what they can to preserve our environment and give new life to our resources.  Visit our showroom to learn more about green design and see what we have for eco-friendly products!


Color of the Year: Follow Spring Color Trends on a Budget!

And the color of the year is… Radiant Orchid!

ImageA sharp shade of purple, Radiant Orchid is most definitely a Spring color.  And as fabric and paint trends for 2014 are largely dependent on the anticipated color of the year and other color trends we are expecting to see a lot of it.  But if purple isn’t in your color wheel don’t worry, Pantone’s Spring 2014 color trends offer an array of inspiring, warm hues that will drag us (in my case willingly) out of these frigid winter temps.

As much as I would love to launch a full makeover on my home featuring the new year’s trends my wallet just won’t allow it.  But not to worry my fellow thrifty design fanatics, we have some easy ways to get a fresh look and keep your home up to date without breaking the bank.

1. Switch up your hardware: In my opinion one of the easiest and coolest ways to add new life to your furniture.  You can find literally any color, shape, or design in a knob you can dream up- so much so you may get overwhelmed by all of your choices.

Image       Image

2. Ditch the drapes: New drapes in a vibrant color will definitely give your space a fresh Spring look! These green, floor-length green drapes paired with similar-colored accents like the ottoman create a color scheme that makes the room cohesive.  Picking a new color to put on your windows can completely change the feel of a space without a lot of work!

Image3. Make an ottoman a statement piece: I have an obsession with upholstered ottomans and the drama they can bring to a room.  Everyone has them in their living room, why not make them both fun and functional?

Image4. Get inspired with new artwork: Artwork can not only inspire emotion but can also be a key element of design.  You can design an entire room around a piece(s) of art or use it to create a cohesive look, feel, and color scheme!

Image Image

5. Who doesn’t love pillows? Accent pillows and throws add warmth and element to design, not to mention they are a fun and easy way to accessorize a space!  They are a simple way to add color, texture, or pattern.

Image Image