Green Design: The how-to and the why

Green, or sustainable, design is a huge part of what we do at Jan Robinson Interiors. We not only promote the practice but we also use our showroom to showcase what green design looks like. Humans are an essential part of life’s cycle and being conscious of our environment is a way to limit our impact as a group on our resources and the world’s systems. But just because we are being more mindful and utilizing recycled, renewable, and environmentally friendly materials doesn’t at all mean we have to sacrifice style and beauty in our homes.

There is no lack of style, design, and personality in eco-friendly pieces. Actually, using reclaimed materials can create pieces that are full of character and are one-of a kind.  So, what exactly does it look like? Take a look!


ImageHow do you find pieces like these?  Do your research.  The Portland, ME area is full of crafstmen and companies doing what they can to preserve our environment and give new life to our resources.  Visit our showroom to learn more about green design and see what we have for eco-friendly products!